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Exam Number : DSST-HRM
Exam Name : Human Resource Management
Vendor Name : HR
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DSST-HRM test Format | DSST-HRM Course Contents | DSST-HRM Course Outline | DSST-HRM test Syllabus | DSST-HRM test Objectives

Test Details:
- test Name: HR DSST-HRM Human Resource Management
- test Format: Multiple-choice questions
- test Duration: 2 hours
- Passing Score: Varies (set by DSST)
- Prerequisites: None
- Credit Recommendation: Varies (set by individual colleges and universities)

Course Outline: HR DSST-HRM Human Resource Management

I. Introduction to Human Resource Management
A. Role and importance of HRM
B. HRM functions and responsibilities
C. HRM legal and ethical considerations

II. Staffing and Recruitment
A. Job analysis and job descriptions
B. Recruitment methods and strategies
C. Selection processes and techniques

III. Employee Training and Development
A. Training needs exam
B. Training methods and techniques
C. Career development and succession planning

IV. Performance Management and Compensation
A. Performance appraisal systems
B. Performance feedback and coaching
C. Compensation and benefits management

V. Employee Relations and Labor Laws
A. Employee engagement and motivation
B. Employee discipline and conflict resolution
C. Employment laws and regulations

VI. HRM in a Global Context
A. Global HRM challenges and strategies
B. Cross-cultural management
C. Expatriate management

Exam Objectives:
- Understand the role and importance of human resource management
- Demonstrate knowledge of HRM functions, responsibilities, and legal considerations
- Apply effective staffing and recruitment strategies
- Implement employee training and development programs
- Manage performance and compensation systems
- Understand employee relations and labor laws
- Analyze HRM challenges and strategies in a global context

The syllabus for the HR DSST-HRM Human Resource Management course covers the following syllabus in detail:

Module 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management
- Role and importance of HRM
- HRM functions and responsibilities
- HRM legal and ethical considerations

Module 2: Staffing and Recruitment
- Job analysis and job descriptions
- Recruitment methods and strategies
- Selection processes and techniques

Module 3: Employee Training and Development
- Training needs exam
- Training methods and techniques
- Career development and succession planning

Module 4: Performance Management and Compensation
- Performance appraisal systems
- Performance feedback and coaching
- Compensation and benefits management

Module 5: Employee Relations and Labor Laws
- Employee engagement and motivation
- Employee discipline and conflict resolution
- Employment laws and regulations

Module 6: HRM in a Global Context
- Global HRM challenges and strategies
- Cross-cultural management
- Expatriate management

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Online Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management

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Exam Expectations

Students should double check the location of their test prior to arriving at the Accommodated Testing Center. PTS uses other locations across campus as needed and will change the location in the PTS Student Portal. The PTS Accommodated Testing location is STEW G59.

Check-in Process

To check in for an exam, students will need the following items:

  • PUID (required for all testing appointments)
  • Pens/pencils, erasers, rulers, calculators, etc.*
  • Any materials students are allowed to use on their test as specified by their instructor and/or accommodations
  • * PTS will not provide writing utensils or calculators. Students must bring their own supplies.

    Students will be asked to place all of their electronics (i.e. cell phone, smart watch, etc.) into an envelope and turn them in to the Proctor prior to receiving their exam. If students have any questions during their test or they feel as though their accommodation is not being met, they are asked to inform the PTS Staff immediately.

    Student Expectations

    Breaks: Students are expected to treat breaks as they would in most classrooms. Bathroom breaks will not be allowed unless specified otherwise. If students have concerns about breaks during examinations, they may contact their access consultant.

    Food and Drink: Only a CLEAR water bottle will be allowed in the testing rooms.

    Keeping Time During an Exam: Clocks will available on the walls in the test rooms to keep track of the test time. There will not be clocks at each individual seat. If a student feels the need to keep time at their seat, they may wear a non-smart watch that does not make noise. Their watch must be approved by the proctor in order to take it into the test room. Official time of the test will be kept by PTS staff.

    Personal Belongings: All items (hats, purses, scarves, hoodies, etc.) will need to be stored in a bag provided to the student upon their arrival to the Testing Center. These bags are sized to fit under their testing station during their test time.

    We do ask students not to bring additional items other than what is required for their test to the Testing Center.

    We understand that students may be taking exams in-between classes and may have backpacks. In this case, they will need to store them in one of the bags provided by the PTS staff.

    If a student is seen reaching into the provided bag during an exam, they are at risk of having their exam terminated as a possible breach of academic integrity. Students will continue to turn in their cell phones and smart watches to the proctor at the time of check-in as has been the procedure in the past.

    Exam Start Time: Students must start their test within 15 minutes of their scheduled start time. Failure to start on time may result in not being able to take the exam. Please be sure to take this into consideration when planning travel to the Testing Center.

    PUID: Students are required to present their PUID to check-in for each exam. No other form of ID will be accepted and students will be at risk of not being able to take their test without their PUID.

    Scantrons: All scantrons must be completed within the allotted test time. If students have an accommodation that requires PTS staff to fill out their scantron, the student must inform the proctors at time of turning in their exam. Failure to do so may result in a scantron not being filled out and answers not graded.

    Instructor Resources for Accommodated Testing

    At Purdue University, it’s our shared responsibility to ensure students have access to usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments.

    To ensure this accessibility, it is the responsibility of students to request accommodations, the responsibility of instructors to fulfill accommodations and Purdue Testing Service’s responsibility to be a resource for both parties.

    Testing accommodations are granted by the Disability Resource Center to students whose condition may impact their equal access to learning exams. Instructors can find approved accommodations listed on a student’s Course Accessibility Letter (CAL).

    If you have any questions about our new scheduling system, RegisterBlast, we ask that you please schedule an appointment to speak with one of our staff as we are currently unable to manage walk-in consultations. Please visit our Appointment Bookings link to schedule your 30 minute consultation. This can be done in-person, virutally, or over the phone. 

    Disability Accommodations & Final test Town Hall

    The following is a video recording from a Town Hall event held by the Disability Resource Center on November 9, 2023.

    How to arrange for the test to be administered through Purdue Testing Services.

    Students may take accommodated exams and quizzes through Purdue Testing Services. However, if an test falls under one of the following categories, instructors will need to consult with PTS ahead of time:

  • Contains audio or video components
  • Contains digital images or interactive presentations
  • Computer-based or online exam
  • Administered on a student’s computer
  • Requires specific software
  • Student requires specific formats to access information (e.g., Braille, digital text, etc.)
  • When any of the above characteristics apply, instructors are encouraged to inform Purdue Testing Services as early as possible. Without adequate lead time, PTS reserves the right to alter the date the test is given.

    Additionally, there are times when PTS’s space reaches capacity. When that occurs, instructors are responsible for providing the appropriate testing conditions outlined in a student’s CAL.

    Utilizing Purdue Testing Services

    If instructors are unable to provide testing accommodations to students in their department, they can facilitate accommodations with Purdue Testing Services using the following steps:

    Step 2: Students have to submit their test request four (4) days prior to the test date. This is not business days and will include weekends.  We cannot accept late requests. If the student does not meet the deadline, the instructor will need to administer the test and provide accommodations.

    Step 3: Instructors must provide a copy of the test or the password for the online test to PTS no later than 12 p.m. one (1) business day before the test is to be administered.

    Step 4: Purdue Testing Services administers the test at the date and time requested by the student.

    Step 5: Purdue Testing Services returns completed exams within 24 business hours after testing according to the return method outlined in the TIF.

    Delivering Exams to Accommodated Testing

    Instructors must provide a copy of the test or password for online exams to Purdue Testing Services no later than 12 p.m. one (1) business day before an test is to be administered.

  • Copies can be submitted via RegisterBlast or hand delivered to STEW G39.
  • We cannot accept late submissions. Not submitting an test or password by the deadline means PTS will be unable to administer the exam. As a result, the student’s appointment will be canceled, and it becomes the instructor’s responsibility to administer the test and provide accommodations.
  • Exam Returns

    Completed exams may be returned by two methods. Instructors identify their preferred return format when approving test requests.

  • Pickup: The hard copy of the test will be collected directly from Purdue Testing Services at Stewart Center, Room G39. We ask those picking up exams to present an ID for security purposes.
  • Scanned copy uploaded to Instructor Portal: A scanned digital copy of the test will be uploaded to the Instructor Accommodation Portal. The instructor will receive an email with instructions on how to obtain the test when the test has been uploaded. Please allow 24 business hours for this return method.
  • Deliver to IDP for grading: The instructor will need to make sure they inform IDP that they will have some exams coming over from PTS.
  • Additional Guidelines
  • Purdue Testing Services is unable to make modifications to an test after it has been submitted due to the time it takes to process and prepare materials.
  • PTS is not able to administer webcam-monitored exams. If this format is required, it will be the instructor’s responsibility to administer the test and provide accommodations.
  • PTS is not able to support cohort testing — also known as simultaneous test administration — which requires all students with accommodations from a single class to be tested at the same time. If cohort testing is required, it will be the instructor’s responsibility to administer the test and provide accommodations.
  • Students cannot schedule with PTS until a TIF is submitted by their instructor. If a TIF is not submitted in time for the student to schedule their exam, it becomes the instructor's responsibility to administer the test and provide accommodations.
  • Exams must be properly categorized as in-person or online in TIFs. Due to PTS’s high volume of online exams, computer seats cannot be guaranteed without this categorization. Adjustments can be made to the TIF up to two (2) weeks prior to the test date if formats change.
  • Purdue Testing Services schedules exams on a first-come, first-served basis. There may be times we are unable to administer exams, even if a request is received prior to the scheduling deadline. If PTS is unable to administer an exam, the instructor and student will be notified immediately. It will then become the instructor’s responsibility to provide accommodations or offer an alternate date and time for the student to take the test with PTS.
  • In addition to these guidelines, Purdue Testing Services asks that instructors provide as broad of testing windows as possible. We ask that testing windows be more than five (5) hours. This increases the probability that PTS is able to assist with accommodations.

  • Example: If a class test is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Monday, the instructor can indicate in the TIF that students with accommodations are allowed to take the test any time on Monday or Tuesday.


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